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Dream: a component-based communication framework

DREAM TEAM logo Latest news

January 2008

Developer's Guide update.

The developer's guide of the project has just been updated :


Dream is a component-based framework dedicated to the construction of communication middleware. It provides a component library and a set of tools to build, configure and deploy middleware implementing various communication paradigms: group communications, message passing, event-reaction, publish-subscribe, etc. Dream builds upon the Fractal component framework, which provides support for hierarchical and dynamic composition.

Sub Projects

The Dream project is made of several sub projects.

  • The dream-core project aims at defining abstractions commonly used in communication middleware (e.g. messages, activities).
  • The dream-lib project provides a library of components that can be used to build communication middleware (e.g. queues, channels, protocols).
  • The dream-adl project defines extensions to Fractal's ADL.
  • The dream-annotation project defines extensions to Fraclet Annotation.

Getting Involved

Any input or personal view for improving and/or developing Dream is welcome. Dream, as an open source project, also welcomes external contributions . Interested? Please contact us and join us!

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